Incentive Program Rewards Goal Achievement

The staff at Opening Doors are always looking for opportunities for our residents to be successful in their goal setting.  Our new Opening Doors Dollars Incentive Program rewards all of their milestones…big and small!  Many times a lot of small steps in the right direction can measure up to self sufficiency down the road.

A major part of the Opening Doors programming is to encourage the residents to meet their goals – and to be there with praise when they do. The Opening Doors Dollars Incentive Program goes one step further by rewarding the residents for their hard work and follow through with pretend “dollars,” (no actual money is exchanged).

What are Opening Doors Dollars?

The program allows residents to save their hard earned money, and utilize the pretend “dollars” for necessary items that cannot be covered by other resources such as:

  • personal hygiene products
  • bath & beauty baskets
  • toiletries
  • gift cards
  • cleaning items
  • diapers and other baby items,
  • bus tickets
  • etc.

The residents earn these “dollars” by following through with their everyday tasks and appointments. When the residents attend appointments, groups, or meetings they must get verification and then supply it to staff in order to earn their “dollars.” Our hope is to help all our residents not only save money, but also learn follow through and prepare themselves for when they move out on their own.

Here’s where you can help!

Donations of the items listed above would be greatly appreciated.  Your participation in this exciting new program will have an immediate and life changing impact in the lives of our residents.  For more information, call Heather at 563-690-0086, or email